The Magician’s “One Vibration” Receives Riveting Remix from Miguel Rechy & Facy Sedated 


At the beginning of the year, The Magician dropped the number “One Vibration” and sent fans into house heaven. Well, it turns out the track is the gift that keeps on giving because it’s back with new life breathed into it thanks to Miguel Rechy & Facy Sedated. These Mexican producers delivered a remix of the song that adds some serious spice to it, and it came out over the weekend on Potion Records.

Their version of “One Vibration” keeps the disco flavor and flair but adds some tribal undertones, transforming it into an irresistible deep house groover. Rechy and Sedated take the original vocals and distort them slightly until they sound almost like a resounding chant or call to surrender yourself to the music. This is definitely a dancefloor-ready track. 

You can stream the remix below. Enjoy!

The Magician – One Vibration (Miguel Rechy & Facy Sedated Remix)