NERO Members’ Side Project ‘The Night’ Deliver Funky, Uplifting New Song “Different Story”


Last week NERO members Dan Stephens and Alana Watson shared the exciting news that they have formed a new project called The Night. Hinting at an impending release, they posted on the NERO Facebook page that it was “time to tell a different story.” Today we have been given a taste of what to expect from the duo with their first release as The Night, aptly named “Different Story.” 

“Different Story” melds together dance music elements both old and new, giving a fresh feel to nostalgic vibes. This upbeat, high-energy tune sees Stephens and Watson moving in a different direction that contrasts with NERO’s dark, punchy sound. The Night make use of bright synth chords, slapped bass, and a vocal lead synth, combining elements of disco, future bass, and tropical house. Stephens’ production comes together seamlessly while Watson flaunts a playful vocal style.

The Night have us excited to discover what else they have to offer, but rest assured it will be something entirely unique. Stay tuned for more from The Night, check out “Different Story” below, and enjoy!

The Night – Different Story