Psychedelic Hong Kong Rappers The Paisley Daze Blend Genres on New Groove “Lift Off”


The Paisley Daze are an enigma and probably the next best thing you’ve never heard of. These guys are artists and producers, hailing all the way from Hong Kong, who make multi-genre influenced music. It’s hard to pinpoint their sound but we’d say it falls somewhere between new wave rock ‘n’ roll, hip hop, r&b and indie. Their self made samples draw influence from 60s garage music while being backed up with modern trap drums. Their self described Palm Tree Soul sound falls somewhere between The Beatles and Sugar Ray sprinkled with hints of Bas, Amine, Kota the Friend, and Mac Demarco. Crazy right? Well their latest track “Lift Off” is the perfect snapshot of this wild and fun picture.

The song fittingly starts out with a NASA inspired space shuttle countdown that turns into a laidback indie hip-hop groove. The psychedelic rappers cheerfully deliver some clever hooks and melodies that have us vibing on a whole other level. There’s some amazing talent coming from this corner of the world and we’re confident these guys will be at the forefront of the bubbling Asian hip-hop and indie music scene.

Check out The Paisley Daze’s newest single, “Lift Off,” below and enjoy!

The Paisley Daze – Lift Off