ThisSongIsSick Presents: The Remedy Vol. 010 – Black Lives Matter

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For the past two months, we’ve been working with some of our favorite artists to deliver hand-crafted playlists with the goal of tuning out the stresses of today’s climate. It’s now time to tune in, and listen to the voices of our black brothers and sisters as we, as a unified country, demand an end to police brutality and racism all together.

In honor of the protests organized by Black Lives Matter, we’re airing a special extended version of The Remedy. We’ve put together a 120-track playlist of dozens of different black artists that we love to listen to on the regular. Among them are KAYTRANADA, Cautious Clay, The Internet, Sango, Tierra Whack, Parisalexa, Channel Tres, and many, many more. 

We hope that the music from these extremely gifted black artists inspires you to get of your homes and into the streets, and join us among the thousands protesting these past weeks.

Today we’re asking that you donate to Campaign Zero, a group that is dedicated to police reform and works with a 10-point plan aimed at reducing violence. Donate here

ThisSongIsSick Presents: The Remedy 010 – Black Lives Matter