The Turnt Up Tour Webisode 1: HD Tour Recap Video Featuring Paper Diamond, Michal Menert, Sorry for Partying


Hey guys really excited to bring you something that's not the daily dose of sick new music. A lot of you heard and made it out to the Turnt Up Tour that took place over the past 3 weeks. It was a tour we helped sponsor and be apart of featuring Paper Diamond, Michal Menert, Two Fresh, Robotic Pirate Monkey, Cherub, and me and Sage's DJ project Sorry for Partying. The tour hit 15 cities across east coast, south and mid-west. I'm from Colorado, have a lot of family in NY, and have been to the West Coast a few times, but had never been to a majority of these cities. This tour was definitely one of the coolest experiences of my life. I got to open up every night for some artists I'm friends with as well as really enjoy their music, so I was having a great time all hours of the day. As much as sick music is a key focus of mine, live concerts have become just as important, because seeing music live really allows you to connect with it on an entirely different label. I've been throwing some concert in Colorado throughout the past year, but this was a eye opening experience really checking out some more of the country.

This is the first part of a 3 webisode series capturing the Turnt Up Tour. We brought along Laine Kelley from RadioEditAV, the guys who made the epic Pretty Lights Bonnaroo and Red Rocks videos. Well this first video shows the beginning of the tour, showing up at the bus, then recaps Burlington, Boston, Buffalo, and Syracuse. In this video Michal Menert talks about the modern state of music, side projects, and more.

Check out more on the artists in the video Paper DiamondMichal Menert, and Sorry for Partying

Everybody in Colorado was asking why the Turnt Up Tour wasn't coming to Colorado, well now Denver is a getting part of the tour. Paper Diamond is going to be headlining the Ogden Theater, alongside support the filthy producer Minnesota, as well as me and Sage's project Sorry for Partying, with Elm & Oak's Raw Russ for support.