Hip-Hop Duo The Underachievers Bring Nostalgic, Soulful Vibes On New Album ‘After The Rain’


Brooklyn based hip-hop duo The Underachievers have just dropped off a full-length album After The Rain. With this new project comes some of the classic sound we’ve come to lover from the duo over the years while expanding their sound in the process.

While some of the songs maintain the eerie energy we’ve heard from the Beast Coast duo, much of the project brings a more uplifting, soulful sound. One of the first things we noticed different was horns. They bring on Brasstrack’s Ivan Jackson on “Light Speed” while soulful vocalists lend their talents on numerous songs. The introspective offering comes just as packed with the bars and rapping skills they’ve displayed over the year and seem to level up on their latest. Enjoy!

The Underachievers – After The Rain