Could The Weeknd Be Planning A Daft Punk Appearance At The Super Bowl?

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The Weeknd will be performing at the Super Bowl LV halftime show on Sunday, and there’s potential for a highly-coveted and very rare Daft Punk performance. Before we go further, let us just emphasize that nobody has confirmed a Daft Punk appearance, but hear us out. Below we are going to list the reasons why it is likely that they’ll be showing up this weekend.

The Super Bowl halftime show is the largest media event in the world for a performing artist. It’s hard to believe that if given the opportunity, the French dance duo would not take it up. They haven’t done a traditional tour since their famous 2007/2008 Alive Tour, but it’s clear that they’re aiming to reach more people since we’ve seen them appear at three separate times at the GRAMMY awards. They first joined Kanye West on stage in 2008 for “Stronger,” collaborated on stage with Pharrell and Stevie Wonder in 2014, and most recently showed up in 2017 to join the Weekend for “I Feel It Coming.”

The Weeknd enlisted Daft Punk on two of the biggest songs from his acclaimed 2016 album, Starboy. While we do anticipate The Weeknd performing songs of his more recent project, After Hours, halftime shows have historically seen artists running through their entire discography. With “Starboy” being one of The Weeknd’s most celebrated hits, we can easily picture them making a cameo to do a live rendition of the track.

The news of The Weeknd spending $7 million of his own money on additional production for the show is another factor to consider. Dance music production is notoriously expensive. Perhaps this could have been the extra push needed in order to get Daft Punk onboard and cement the show as one of the best in Super Bowl halftime show history. It’s also been reported that The Weeknd was forced to choose between performing at the GRAMMYs or the Super Bowl. The recording academy allegedly snubbed him from any nominations due to him choosing The Super Bowl.

Daft Punk has accomplished more than most during their extensively prolific career, but one thing they haven’t done is a Super Bowl halftime show. What could be considered to be the final boss of a musical artist’s career has eluded the duo, but this could be their opportunity to make it happen.