The Weeknd – Rolling Stone (Music Video) + Announces Release of Trilogy : Powerful Symbolic Music Video


The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye) has captured the world's eye by releasing 3 self-produced free albums independently over the past 2 years earning him one of the most impressive underground fan bases I've ever seen. He attracted so much attention that major label Atlantic Records is forming his own imprint label called XO.   The initial release, Trilogy will be a proper release of The Weeknd's first three iconic releases: House of Balloons, Thursday, and Echos of Silence. You can get the proper release on November 8th. Couldn't mean it enough, this guy is a legend in the making.

The Weeknd – Rolling Stone | Download

To coincide with Trilogy, he creates his first major music video, featuring video of himself for the first time. It's for the song "Rolling Stone", which was released on his first album House of Balloons. It's very interesting that he chooses to make a video for this song in particular, because it brings up one of The Weeknd's reoccurring fears, comparing loosing a girl to loosing his fans. Listen to the line "I got you baby, I got you, Until you're use to my face, and the mystery fades" Talking about winning his fans over, luring them in with his mystery, they get used to him, and it fades. I think the video symbolizes that entire message. He has a girl holding him the whole video, then her arms get more exposed, signifying him as an artist getting more exposed. Then at the very end flashes apear more and more frequent, symbolizing getting more attention and fame. And then the girl disappears at the very end, symbolizing him loosing his underground intial fanbase that carried him up from nothing. Do you agree? Do you feel he will loose his initial underground fanbase once he enters the mainstream? Do you think because he produces all his own music his sound will never change?