PREMIERE | TheFatRat & Laura Brehm Come Together Again On Breathtaking New Single “MAYDAY”

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Often in electronic music you will find tracks that either have breathtaking vocal work, or production that simply blows you away. It’s rare that they come in pairs of such high caliber, but that’s exactly what we have here for TheFatRat’s new single, “MAYDAY,” featuring vocalist Laura Brehm. We knew right from from the start of this track that this was going to be a stunner. The beautiful arpeggiated notes in the intro, the glowing melodies, Laura’s wispy voice; all stitched together with tight, clean percussion.

Leading up to the official release of this new number, fans had been working around the clock to decipher a handful of cryptic videos that were uploaded by both Trap Nation and TheFatRat. The short clips featured reversed, glitched out audio cuts of different sections of “MAYDAY.” On their own they didn’t reveal much, but Youtube user Dronihack had deciphered the clips and strung them together, creating a minute and a half preview which he or she had uploaded yesterday. 

We can see why there was such hype gathered around the release of this tune. This isn’t the first time TheFatRat and Laura Brehm have collaborated. The two artists have worked on two other tracks together, “Monody” and “The Calling,” which have amassed a combined YouTube view count of over 70 million. 

“MAYDAY” is a super catchy tune that you’re going to have stuck in your head all day. Enjoy!

TheFatRat- Mayday (Ft. Laura Brehm)