THEY. Share Trippy New Music Video For Album Single “Back It Up”


THEY. have released a captivating new music video for "Back it Up," bringing back Jack Begert to be behind the camera again after teaming with the director on their excellent "U-Rite" video. While the song was originally released on THEY.'s first EP in 2015, it has now racked up millions of streams after being featured on their debut album this year, Nu Religion: HYENA.  

The dark, eerie shots of rain and a girl dancing in the back of a smoky car are presented alongside kaleidoscopic effects with bright colors. Drew Love and Dante Jones, the two members of this genre-bending LA group, can be seen dancing and singing along to the infectious hook. THEY. are finishing up the international leg of their Nu Religion tour, and we can't wait to see what comes next from them when they get back in the studio. Enjoy! 

THEY. – Back It Up | Official Music Video