THEY. – Nu Religion EP : Must Hear Hip-Hop / Rock Project From Label Behind Zhu & Gallant


The Mind of a Genius label has shown a keen ear for finding forward thinking artists as they are the masterminds behind the mystery of ZHU, and have recently brought Gallant into the mix. Now they’ve unveiled their newest artist THEY., a producer/songwriter duo, Dante & Drew, bringing a unique futuristic blend of R&B, Hip-Hop, and Indie Rock that has been described to This Song Is Sick by Drew as "making it musically acceptable and enjoyable to not give a fuck."

The duo has just released their debut EP Nu Religion through  Mind of A Genius.

“Nu Religion has a few meanings” Dante tells us. “On a basic level we felt like this collection of songs will act as a guide of things to come from THEY. On a broader level Nu Religion is about the will to be disruptive and unapologetic about the way you do things or choose to express yourself.”

As Dante dives deeper, "This project is a new way of thinking. The way us both as individuals have approached life and the art of music has always been left of center even from youth. It's been all about finding a way to incorporate that into a cohesive musical project that we are proud of and that people enjoy. We think we've done that."

Their impressive 3-track track EP is the first installment of a 3-part series we’re very excited to hear more of as their sound brings a breathe of fresh air into the R&B / Hip-Hop world. The duo also was apart of the ZHU and Skrillex collaboration "Working For It" released on ZHU's "Genesis Series" EP. Enjoy!

THEY. - Nu Religion EP | iTunes