THEY. Release Hard Hitting Single “U-RITE” Off Debut Album


TSIS favorites THEY. are back with one of their best songs to date, "U-RITE"! The genre-blending duo have really found a unique sound that has us patiently awaiting their debut album, Nu Religion : HYENA

"U-RITE" is truly a work of art and beautifully showcases the group's versatility. In the past, we've heard them mix rock, hip-hop, R&B and electronic on recent singles "What You Want" and "Say When". On their latest, they go for a wild hip-hop sound that comes packed with a hard-hitting trap beat, blaring horn samples and a deep, skipping bassline.

"I really love the vibe of 90’s Miami bass music and the energy those records had as soon as they came on. Once we were able to flip the siren into a beat, the song came together super quick." — THEY.

Drew’s raspy vocals stand out on the track as he delivers an amazingly catchy hook you’ll have trouble getting out of your head. Enjoy!

THEY. – U-RITE | Stream Only

They U Rite Artwork