ThisSongIsSick Presents The Remedy Vol. 054: Manic Focus

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Last week, we announced a two-part edition of The Remedy in conjunction with Alaska’s Sacred Acre Festival. Maddy O’Neal had the first honor and dropped an absolutely perfect groove-filled playlist for us. The second edition is put together by the man himself, Manic Focus, who put his own unique spin on his list of therapeutic tunes.

Vol. 054 of The Remedy includes music from Adam Deitch, Daily Bread, Cloudchord, Motifv, Late Night Radio, Jason Leech, and more. Manic Focus has thrived in the niche communities of electro soul and future funk and has compiled a perfect mix of fellow contributors and tastemakers along the way. Here’s what Manic Focus had to say about his Remedy Playlist,

“This playlist is a collection of some of my favorite vibey tunes from my friends. I tried to create a smooth vibe throughout with a few groovy and slightly heavier moments to switch it up throughout. I’m really excited to be rocking both a band set with Colby Buckler and Marvel Years, as well as a house DJ set this year at Sacred Acre! I’ve been working on a lot of new material, including remixes and originals, as well as sprinkling a couple edits of some of my favorite tunes.”

You can stream the exclusively curated playlist from Manic Focus below. Enjoy!

ThisSongIsSick Presents The Remedy Vol. 054: Manic Focus