Thomas Bangalter Shares First Post-Daft Punk Single

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Thomas Bangalter, also known as one of two parts of the iconic duo Daft Punk, has released a new single. Titled “X. L’accouchement” (French for childbirth), the beautiful piece of music is Bangalter’s first solo release since 2018, when he contributed to the Climax¬†official soundtrack.

Those expecting dance music take heed: Bangalter’s first post-Daft Punk solo project is an orchestral score for the ballet, Mythologies. The entire score, which will go by the same name, is set for an April 7 release date. The score is performed by the Orchestre National Bordeaux Aquitaine.

You can listen to “X. L’Accouchement” below. Enjoy!

Thomas Bangalter – Mythologies: L’Accouchement