Tidal Days Debut Coastal Pop Single, “Ride”


Welcome to Tidal Days. The groove glistens, the chords swim, and the energy irresistible. This new duo is the creative product of Erik Kristman and Cisco Barahona, and their debut track, “Ride,” is definitely making a refreshing splash.

This new offering is just begging to be rinsed through these last remaining weeks of sunny warm weather. And as the naturalistic samples drift beneath that vibrant guitar, how can you say no. Once the revitalizing percussion picks up there’s no turning back, we’re off like a cloud on the breeze.

We obviously are looking forward to new music from this new duo, but let’s be honest, we won’t be rushing off of this new song any time soon. Stream Tidal Days’ debut single, “Ride,” below. Enjoy!

Tidal Days – Ride