Tickets For Tiesto’s Red Rocks Show This Week Are Reselling For Up To $2200

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If you weren’t able to snatch tickets to the very exclusive Tiesto show at Red Rocks this week, you may have to cough up a couple racks to buy one from a scalper. Tickets to the show, which were originally priced at $250, are now going for as much as $2200 per ticket on AXS’s verified ticket exchange site for Red Rocks.

This largely has to do with the fact that despite Red Rocks’ 10,000 capacity, there was only 175 tickets sold. This is in compliance with Colorado’s current state guidelines for outdoor events, which are limited to exactly that, 175 people.

Obviously, people are dying to have some sort of live music experience (us included), but we’ve never seen tickets priced this high for Red Rocks. Safety is, of course, the top priority for these socially distanced shows at Red Rocks, but considering the vastness of the venue, perhaps the rules could be changed. If their current model works, it would be great to see them gradually scale it up while remaining safely socially distanced. This may allow for more shows, more jobs, more attendees, while avoiding sky high ticket prices like the ones below.