Timeflies – The Scotch Tape : Well Done Electronic / Hip Hop / Pop Album


Pop music is something I usually let stay on the radio, but recently The Scotch Tape has been really growing on me. If you havent't heard of this duo from Boston MA, it would be too easy to take one look at this album and brush it off as another Hip-hop/Pop artist trying to blow up. These guys may have a poppy sound, but its great. Cal, the vocalist both sings and raps and kills at both. His lyrics are clever and new, and his voice does not sound like a rapper trying to sing. Rob Resnick Throws down on all the production, and let me say the kid is a pro. His range of production goes all the way through from Pop, Hip-Hop, Electronic, and Dubstep. It is not often that both rapper and producer are highlighted equally. Either of them could be doing it on their own, but in todays music world this is a much more powerful force. The whole record its self is crisp and well produced. They also made a Sick Music Video To Their Song; Turn It Up. We don't typically too much Pop or R&B sounding material, but this is pretty sick, what do you think? This album dives into a bunch of genres, with a poppy electronic theme. We picked a harder dubstep track and a more hip hop based track to sample the album. Give it a listen and enjoy!

Timeflies – Scotchtape Entire Album | Direct Download

Timeflies – Switchblade | Direct Download

Timeflies – Everything I Do | Direct Download

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