Tom Misch & Carmody Combine For Captivating Original “Easy Love”

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Tapped as one of the brightest young producers to rise from London's booming beat scene, Tom Misch displays an imaginative prowess for composing silky landscapes via the use of dreamy cord progressions, live instrument implementation, and lush bass kicks. To add further accolades to his capacities, the Briton is blessed with an infectiously smooth vocal range and songwriting cred that's present on most releases. 

Tom's newest original creation, "Easy Love", has experienced non-stop play since landing on on our radar. The vibeful atmosphere flows to an engaging rhythm of soft, R&B styled arrangements that relieve you of all cares or worries. Tom tag teamed with fellow vocalist Carmody to dial-in the vocal additions and their work together translates far beyond the boundaries of a perfect match.

If feel laden tunes are we you seek, Tom Misch has got you back today and we look forward to seeing what else is in the works for this emerging talent! Stream the release below and above all… Enjoy