Tom Misch Blends Disco, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Electronic Production On Debut Album ‘Geography’


April, 6th is a date that the TSIS office has been impatiently awaiting. Why? Well, Tom Misch’s debut album Geography has arrived and it was well worth the wait.

The dude is undeniably one of the most talented multi-instrumentalist and promising rising artists. He's developed a one-of-a-kind sound that blends elements of disco, jazz, hip-hop and electronic production. Based in London, Tom Misch has built reputation upon his breakout ‘Beat Tape 2’ package, impressive collaborations alongside Mr. Carmack X Jordan Rakei and FKJ, and various singles, remixes and EP’s along the way. Geography, however, is the first full feature offering from Tom Misch, and it has certainty does not disappoint. 

It features eight brand new tracks alongside five previously released singles, such as “It Runs Through Me”, “Water Baby” and “South Of The River”. With slow and romantic ballads such as “Movie”, to high-energy dance driven tracks like “Disco Yes”, to his signature blend between jazz and hip-hop on tracks like “Lost in Paris”, the album is full of variety. Not to mention the impressive array of featured artists including GoldLink, Loyle Carner and De La Soul. 

If it isn’t obvious by this point… We really like Tom Misch and his new album. We are confident that you will see why after listening through Geography. Enjoy!

Tom Misch – Geography