FKJ Collaborator Tom Misch Delivers Funky, Soulful Single “It Runs Through Me” Ft. Classic Hip-Hop Group De La Soul

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Here at TSIS, we are anxiously awaiting the release of Tom Misch’s album Geography. With an April 6th release date, we are only a month away. Thankfully, the London-based artist has kept listeners satisfied throughout the months leading up to the drop date with singles such as “Water Baby” and “Movie”. He remains dependable with a new single titled “It Runs Through Me” which features the notable hip-hop trio De La Soul.  

When one thinks of Tom Misch, smooth guitar melodies, driving basslines and unique vocal accompaniments come to mind. “It Runs Through Me” is the type of track that defines Tom Misch, wasting no time introducing a captivating guitar riff and Misch himself behind the mic. The track then gets carried to De La Soul’s appropriate feature by a compelling bassline and perpetual percussion. Enjoy!

Tom Misch – It Runs Through Me (Ft. De La Soul)