Tom Misch Releases Disco-Driven Single “South Of The River”


Tom Misch has delivered a soulful new single titled “South Of The River” and it is everything a Tom Misch fan could ask for. Released via Beyond The Groove, the track features Tobie Tripp on violin and Rob Araujo with a keyboard solo. “South Of The River” is the second offering from Tom Misch in 2017 following his 5 Day Mischon EP released in March. The latest release is upbeat, blending disco, R&B and jazz seamlessly to create an incredibly smooth track in typical Tom Misch fashion. 

“South Of The River” kicks-off with Tobie Tripp’s standout violin riff, creating a disco sound that sets the tone for the rest of track. Tom Misch then comes in with a trademark bassline and a soothing vocal performance as he does so well. The track comes to fruition with multiple elements being combined to create a dance-driven song with the silky, signature, Tom Misch sound. Enjoy!

Tom Misch – South Of The River