Swedish Duo Tomode Make Their TSIS Debut With New Single “Conversation Starter”


Making their first appearance on the site with their disco-ridden single “Conversation Starter” is the eclectic duo, Tomode. Hailing from Sweden and blending their influences of Scandinavian pop and good ol’ fashion disco beats, Tomode takes what we love about disco and adds their own energetic spin to it.

“Conversation Starter” is a wave of nostalgic disco goodness. Glistening with lush synth pads and funky guitar plucks, the Swedish duo create a uniquely modern, yet sentimental atmosphere with their stylish production. Hook after hook, Tomode got stuck in our head with their infectious melodies and impeccable disco vibes.

Here’s what Tomode had to say on the inspiration behind “Conversation Starter”:

With “Conversation Starter,” we wanted to express the inescapably uncomfortable feeling of striking up a conversation with someone at a party, and it just not clicking. Hopelessly out of place on the dance floor, just trying to say the right thing.

You can stream “Conversation Starter” at the link below, out everywhere via Riptide Records. Enjoy!

Tomode – Conversation Starter