Too Sick Lupe Fiasco Freestyles: 1 New Unreleased + 1 Classic


Lupe will always be a favorite of mine, and when I heard his next album would be his last, I almost teared up a little. Well Here's a freestyle that just leaked, I got it off a mixtape that just dropped called Before Their Were Lasers in anticipation of his new album Lasers. It is pretty sick, and I've never heard, so it's unreleased up until this point in my book. Fill me in otherwise if you know where the track comes from originally. Regardless enjoy this sick Lupe freestyle!

Freestyle(Unreleased) – Lupe Fiasco | Download

Lupe Fiasco- Freestyle(Unreleased)

Next is another freestyle that's older off of the Enemy Of The State mixtape. For some reason this is one of my favorite Lupe freestyles. Enjoy the lyrical genius known as Lupe Fiasco. And get ready for Lasers as it should be siiiick.

Thank You (Freestyle) – Lupe Fiasco | Download

Thank You (Freestyle)

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