Too Sick Quality Free Album: Chris Webby – The White Noise LP


The feedback I've been getting on the past mixtapes/albums posted in the past week have been great, so i'm going to continue bringing you a new free album/mixtape regularly, but don't forget to appreciate and listen to all your music! Today's album is from the very talented Chris Webby who's repping Long Island. He dropped this album almost exactly a year ago, but since the majority of you guys have never heard of him, here it is, in it's glory, The White Noise LP. Webby has got a real unique sound and style and I love it. He sounds like Slug from Atmosphere but with more youth and party influence. Their are some beats on here that are sicker then most beats on paid albums, and the rapping is real sick. Chris has a very distinguishable sound that will get him far.This album was so good picking the highlights ended up with 10 tracks, and there are 14 songs on the album so you should probably just download the whole thing. Enjoy this incredibly sick album!

Download The Entire 14 Song: The White Noise LP Here

This is a pretty sick song and if your not into smoking songs, don't worry he's got a lot of other sick tracks.

★★ La La La – Chris Webby | Download

01) La La La

★★ Grindin' – Chris Webby ft. Tim Gallo, Sam | Download

07) Grindin Feat Tim Gallo Sam Davies

★ Last Chance (Samples James Morrison) – Chris Webby | Download

13) Last Chance

★ Get Down – Chris Webby ft. OnCue | Download

02) Get Down Feat OnCue

★ Wake Up – Chris Webby ft. Knowledge | Download

06) Wake Up feat Knowledge

★ Trust Me – Chris Webby | Download

03) Trust Me

★ Outdo You – Chris Webby ft.Vice Versa| Download

08) Outdo You Feat Vice Versa

★ Mamacita – Chris Webby | Download

09) Mamacita

★ Stop Me Shinin' – Chris Webby ft. Sam D | Download

10) Stop Me Shinin Feat Sam Davies

Webby's take on 'I Love College' and this came out before Sam Adams version posted here and might not be as catchy, but a sick take on the original

BONUS: I Love College (Chris Webby Remix) – Chris Webby | Download

14) I Love College Remix Bonus Track

Check out Chris Webby and Some of His Newer Music via Myspace Here