Top 15 Mixtapes/ Free Albums of 2010

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Mixtapes and freely distributed albums are one of the best way an artist can get their music out to a mass amount of people. Some mixtapes are  so-so, and others just blow you away. Some are so good it's hard to believe they are free. and that's why every single one of these artists are blowing up so fast. 2010 had a huge amount of quality mixtapes/ free albums, and it was hard, but I've picked the 15 best, and a few honorable mentions because it was too hard to pick just 15. Now all of these albums are amazing, and if you haven't heard them definetely download it and check it out. I've also picked one of my favorite tracks off each one  to give you a sampling. Check out some mixtapes you may have forgot about, or some new ones you haven't heard yet. Click the picture to check out more songs from the mixtape/album from the post, or click the download link to download the whole thing directly. Enjoy!

CHILL Mac Miller – K.I.D.S. | View Mixtape | Download

Senior Skip Day

Mac Miller – Senior Skip Day

BANGER Pretty Lights – Glowing in the Darkest Night | View Mixtape | Download

Gazing At The Glare

Pretty Lights – Gazing At The Glare

CHILL Wale – More About Nothing | View Mixtape | Download

The Friends Strangers

Wale – The Friends Strangers

CHILL Ryan Lewis & Symmetry – LP | View Mixtape | Download

Make Me Yours

Ryan Lewis & Symmetry – Make Me Yours

CHILL J. Cole – Friday Night Lights | View Mixtape | Download

Blow Up

J. Cole – Blow Up

CHILL/BANGER Big Gigantic – A Place Behind the Moon | View Mixtape | Download


Big Gigantic – Driftin

CHILL Hoodie Allen – Pep Rally | View Mixtape | Download

Tighten Up

Hoodie Allen – Tighten Up

BANGER Savoy – Nothin for Nothin' | View Mixtape | Download

Nothin for Nothin' (Dire Straits Remix)


CHILL Tayyib Ali – Eighteen | View Mixtape | Download


Tayyib Ali – Soundcheck

CHILL OnCue – Cuey Sings The Blues | View Mixtape | Download

Daddy's Money (ft. Casey Herlihy)

OnCue – Daddy's Money (feat. Casey Herlihy)

CHILL Drake vs Coldplay – October's Very Cold (Prod. by Chi Duly) | View Mixtape | Download

Fly Scientist

Drake vs Coldplay – Fly Scientist

BANGER A-Trak – Dirty South Dance: Vol 2 | View Mixtape | Download

Trizzy Turn

A-Trak – TrizzyTurn

CHILL Wiz Khalifa – Kush & Oj | View Mixtape | Download

Still Blazin

Wiz Khalifa – Still Blazin

BANGER Robotic Pirate Monkey – Disturbing Pleasant Streets | View Mixtape | Download

Joleen (Robotic Pirate Monkey Remix)

Robotic Pirate Monkey- Joleen

CHILL / BANGER Na Palm – Dirty Girls Like Dirty Beats | View Mixtape | Download

Go Go Girl ft. Ben One

Na Palm – Go Go Girl

Honorable Mentions

CHILL Luke – The DopenessView MixtapeDownload


Luke – Dopeness

Chris Webby – Best in the Burbs | View Mixtape | Download

The Rain

Chris Webby – The Rain

Sam Adams – Party Records | View Mixtape | Download

Some Chords

Sam Adams – Some Chords (Prod. by Deadmau5)