Newcomer TOP B Blends Indie & Hip-Hop On New Single “81 Go”


Are you ready to be put on to a brand new new artist? We’ve got a chill track from a talented up-and-coming singer from Milwaukee named TOP B. He’s just getting started and is virtually unheard of right now, but if his first song on Spotify is any indication, the kid is destined to become a big name. “81 Go” is a smooth single that dropped recently that you need to get your ears on.

This tune is perfect for kicking back and chilling with your friends. It’s got an easygoing yet soulful beat, with a somber piano intro starting it off. TOP B has suave vocals and a slow, almost rap-like croon that glides effortlessly over the instrumentals like icing. His mixing and mastering on the song show that he knows just how to harness a chill feeling and turn it into music.

Listen to “81 Go” below, and make sure to make note of Top B because we’re sure he’ll be well-known soon. Enjoy!

TOP B – 81 Go