Tourist – Holding On (Feat. Josef Salvat & Niia) : Must Hear Future Bass / Indie


London based artist Tourist has garnared attention for various reasons over the past couple of years, but he just may have released his biggest tune to date. "Holding On" is a forward thinking future bass meets house dance record with a splash of indie influence that just works so perfect. Featuring some guest vocals from Josef Salvatt & Niia providing a duet of sorts interchanging as the beat progresses through various stages throughout. You will have to get used to replaying the stream below as the song won't officially be released until May 24th via Polydor Records. Enjoy!

TOURIST will be playing some limited festival plays this year, including Coachella, so make sure you don't miss out.

Tourist – Holding On (Feat. Josef Salvat & Niia) iTunes