Treasure Fingers – Rooftop Revival (Bro Safari Remix) : Must Hear Moombahton / Electro & Bros Gone Wild EP

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Today I'm stoked to bring you guys' some must hear filthy Moombahton that really captures the dirty, yet still groovy side of the new genre. For those of you who haven't been educated in moombahton, it's essentially slowed down house from 128 to 110, that also captures the funky side of the mid-tempo range like Glitch-Hop, Breaks, and a lot of Pretty Lights music. Bro Safari gives this Treasure Fingers original a feel very comparable to that of Feed Me, and with his most recent EP Bros Gone Wild (Sample of all the tracks below) doing so well on Beatport, he's crushing it for sure. These ones will undoubtedly get you moving, turn em up and enjoy!

Treasure Fingers – Rooftop Revival (Bro Safari Remix) | Direct Download

Bro Safari – Bros Go Wild EP SAMPLER