Tripp St. Is Not Of This World, Shares Captivating Album ‘Home’

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Tripp St. is a master at mixing various styles, and that’s on full display with his latest album Home. Released on Clozee’s Odyzey Music label, Trpp St. is fully genreless on this 13-track ride with all kinds of bass, hip-hop, and melodic fused into one.

Superstitious” is an out of this world rhythm featuring echoing vocals from Misdom. “Controlled” is purely all the wonks and wubz. The album ends with its title track “Home” that can best be described as an alien invasion of a funky hip-hop studio.

Of the album, Tripp St. says,

“The idea of calling my LP ‘HOME’ started when my Mom and I were chilling outside of her house just listening to the birds and I started recording from my phone and caught the ambience. I used that recording in a song I called ‘HOME’ which is the last track on the album. You can actually hear her lighting up a joint in the background lol. For a long time that song was going to start off the album, but I decided to leave it to the end to finish the journey. This record is journey back to Tripp St., where I grew up and what has inspired me.”

This album is an animal. It’s visceral, but not overpowering. It’s melodic, but heavy. It’s tough to pin down, so do yourself a favor and go listen to it for yourself. Stream Home below and enjoy!

Tripp St. – Home

-Written By: Derek Lavezzo