Must Listen: Trippy Turtle drops crash course in ‘Jersey Club’ with hour long Diplo and Friends Mix” (For fans of Cashmere Cat)


Say hello to Trippy Turtle, a producer some are claiming might by the new dance oriented side project of the Norwegian downtempo producer Cashmere Cat, which we do still believe. Although while we were personally reaching out to Trippy Turtle about featuring the mix he managed to let us know that "Oh, and I'm not (Cashmere Cat), btw. Though we do work closely."

Regardless if that's the case, today we have an hour long Diplo and Friends mix from Trippy Turtle, and it could be referred to has a crash course into a new sub genre rising in popularity 'Jersey Club'. We get a blend of downtempo, trap and hip-hop elements all thrown together for a sexy new club friendly sound. The mix seamlessly goes from originals and remixes from a case of artists including Trippy Turtle himself, Cashmere Cat, DJ Sliink, DJ Tray, DJ Yolo Bear and more. There are even some epic bootlegs of "Thong Song" "D.A.N.C.E." "Senorita" and some other favorites; full track-list below. This was first broadcasted through Diplo and Friends weekly show and mr. Trippy Turtle has been kind enough to give us the Uncensored version of the mix without tags. Listen and download below.

Trippy Turtle – Diplo and Friends Mix | Direct Download

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Trippy Turtle Diplo and Friends Mix Track-List

DJ Hoodboi – I Get So Lonely
Different Sleep – Say Goodbye
Cashmere Cat – Mirror Maru (DJ Mike Gip Remix)(Boomclap Edit)
DJ Tray – Bugatti
DJ Tray – Turn On The Lights
Trippy Turtle – Southside Deep
DJ Kiff – My Last Part 2
DJ Tray – D.A.N.C.E.
DJ Yolo Bear – Make You Touch My
DJ Tricks – One More Time
DJ Yolo Bear – TXT U (demo)
Evv – Vibr8
Chris Brown – Take You Down (Trippy Turtle Edit)
Trippy Turtle – Poison
Trippy Turtle – Getting Wood
DJ Tray – Who Booty
DJ Tray – Rain
DJ Bendthaa – Crew Love (feat. DJ Kuddie J & DJ Keese)
Next – Wifey (Jaw Jam Bootleg)
Trippy Turtle – Senorita
Trippy Turtle – Damn Those Jeans
DJ Sliink – Love Song
The Dream – Sweat It Out
DJ Tricks – Slow Grindings
Janet Jackson – Would You Mind
Trippy Turtle – Only Wanna Give It To You
Trippy Turtle – I’m Sprung
Trippy Turtle – A Good Ass Turtle