TSIS Favorite Rap Duo EarthGang Officially Release Must Hear Song “Up”

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EarthGang’s “Up” is one of my favorite songs I’ve heard in a minute, and it finally gets the official release today. The Atlanta duo is a favorite of mine with their forthcoming album MirrorLand being my most anticipated album right now. It’s actually been (almost) a year since EarthGang debuted the song on COLORS YouTube series with a lively studio performance of the track that really brings it to life.

Right away I was in love with “Up” and couldn’t wait until the official release. However, I didn’t realize I’d have to wait a year for it to hit streaming services. The track became a fan favorite and has really been popping off at their live performances with fans knowing all the words despite the fact you could only hear it on YouTube until now.

“Up” is a one-of-a-kind song. There’s something weird about it that’s just absurd in the best way. EarthGang’s Johnny Venus is like a rapping swiss army knife. The man can just do it all, and make it look easy in the process. This track perhaps puts his skills on full display better than any others in their discography. WowGr8 comes in to show his bars for an intriguing verses while Venus holds down the hook with his maniacal singing.

The layered vocals, slapping beat, silly lyrics and other-worldly singing + rapping makes this one of the most unique rap songs all year.

EarthGang are really having their well deserved moment right now. They offered some show-stealing performances on Dreamville’s Revenge of the Dreamers III album last month and are poised to make a massive leap with their full album on the way this September. Check out the studio recording and live performance below and enjoy!

EarthGang – Up

EarthGang- Up (COLORS Performance)