Tsuruda’s New Album Is A ‘Siege’ Of Sick Experimental Hip-Hop & Bass Beats


Los-Angeles based producer Tsuruda has come in with some straight-up heat with his fourth album, Siege. The album is an explosive hybrid of hip-hop and bass that will certainly expose you to some mind-altering sounds. Coming in at 11 tracks and 24 minutes long, this project is definitely worth checking out if you like to explore unique and innovative music. Much of the album is rooted in hip-hop, between groovy instrumentals like “spicy bois rained out” and “save brooklyn” and heavier, bass tinged tracks with rap verses like “q-edits #2” and “yacht haven grande.” The album generates a dark and moody tone thanks to some compelling work on the low end. Tsuruda manipulates a dynamic range of bass, from sub bass wobbles to groovy bass lines. Mixing in his inimitable sound design that borders on psychedelic, this wide range of tracks hits hard and cuts deep. Check out the album in the stream below. Enjoy!

Tsuruda – Siege