Tutara Peak Releases Vibrant New 3 Track EP ‘Radiance’


Experimental producer, Tutara Peak, has made a name for himself through his out-of-the-box sound design and genre-defiant nature. Meshing his electronic roots with organic textures, the UK producer’s new 3-track collection, Radiance, might be your perfect introduction to the blossoming artist.

Radiance features two of Tutara Peak’s most recent singles, “Colour & Pattern” and “The Sudden Glimmer,” in addition to his newest track “Trident & Torch.” As a complete collection, Radiance demonstrates the genre-bending essence of the artist’s writing and production style. Moving from ambient electronic vibes, all the way to heavy guitar arrangements at the conclusion of “Trident & Torch,” Tutara Peak expresses a full spectrum of inspiration and influences throughout.

Here’s what Tutara Peak had to say about his newest track of the three, “Trident & Torch” :

Having recently got into modular synthesis, ‘Trident & Torch’ started as an off-grid synth jam. This song represents an evolution of my sound into the unknown. Heavily influenced by post rock, I wanted to experiment to see how sounds from that genre could fit into a track like this. The grander concept of the track is a tease of my 3rd EP, currently in the works.

You can listen to all three tracks from Radiance at the link below, out everywhere via Alpha Pup. Enjoy!

Tutara Peak – Radiance