TVBOO & LSDREAM Release Psychedelic Bass Tune “Drop That”

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They say two heads are better than one. But what about three? The bass world is buzzing as TVBOO and LSDREAM team up with hip-hop legend, Al Kapone, on a seismic new single, “Drop That.”

This track seems like it was always meant to be as it channels the strengths of all three artists with minimal preconceived intention. TVBOO disclosed,

“I’ve been listening to Al Kapone since I was a teenager. He’s got that southern hip-hop flow that is nostalgic to me because that’s what I grew up on. I got to work with him on my last album and when I wrote the hook for ‘Drop That,’ I knew he was the one to execute to the highest profession. When I started this tune I had LSDREAM in mind the entire time. We’ve tried making tunes together in the past and none of them clicked like this one. When I started the song, it was just all hype and Sami came in and added a melodic feel to it. Our styles matched perfectly with this tune and I think you can hear that. Nothing was forced and it came together beautifully.”

Push play and ride the low-end avalanche that awaits. The undulating bass synths and pixelated warps are only elevated by the expertly delivered bars of of Hip Hop’s most battle tested MC’s. Stream “Drop That” by TVBOO, LSDREAM, and Al Kapone below and enjoy!

TVBOO x LSDREAM – Drop That (Ft. Al Kapone)

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