TVBOO Unloads A Massive Dose Of Wubs On ‘Something 4 Your Mind’ EP

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TVBOO just can’t stop. The Oregon bass bringer has become a regular on TSIS this year, and today he’s back with the release yet another new EP, Something 4 Your Mind. If you aren’t privy to this lad’s wubby ways yet, buckle up buttercup, we’re going on a Wakaan-powered ride.

This latest project comes with four mammoth tracks, each one more devastating than the last. Whether it’s from the tidal wave of bass in the title track, the face-melting synths of “Bust,” the chaotic change up in “Warhead,” or the spine tingling production of “Listen,” I guarantee that you will say “lol wut” to yourself at least four times while listening.

If there’s one thing 2020 has taught us, it’s that TVBOO isn’t here to play games. This man is on a mission to deliver some of the baddest bass in the game. Well sir, mission accomplished. Stream TVBOO’s massive new EP, Something 4 Your Mind, below. Enjoy!

TVBOO – ‘Something 4 Your Mind’ EP