Two Feet Returns With Impressive Diverse Project ‘A 20 Something Fuck’

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Two Feet just dropped his new project A 20 Something Fuck and it embodies everything we’ve come to love from the New York artist. The release comes as the first in a 2 part series. Two Feet first popped up on our radar with his breakout single "Go Fuck Yourself" followed by his wave-making indie electronic Momentum EP, best known for the tracks “Had Some Drinks” and “Love Is A Bitch”. His unique blend of killer guitar riffs and rumbling bass resonated with listeners everywhere and today Two Feet takes his sound to the next level with A 20 Something Fuck.

The project begins with a melancholic intro track featuring a grainy voicemail message laid over piano chords, setting a somber tone for the album that melts away with the first chords of the next track “You Say”. Guitar riffs and hazy vocals dominate the LP, but Two Feet bends these core elements of his sound to express a diverse range of moods. “You Say” feels warm and calm, “Hurt People” ft. Madison Love gives off intense, sultry vibes, and “I Feel Like I’m Drowning” channels the gritty vibe that launched Two Feet’s musical journey. This is an impressive offering from the young artist that gives us a hint of the depth and diversity he can achieve with his sound.

The talented artist has unfortunately struggled with recent depression that was highly publicized following a suicide attempt. Since then, he's opened up about mental illness and getting help. Now he's delivered some incredible music – welcome back Two Feet. 

Two Feet – A 20 Something Fuck