Two Feet Releases Full Must Hear Genre-Blending Momentum EP


Last month we covered the Harlem artist Two Feet with the release of his two track EP which included “Love Is A Bitch” and “Had Some Drinks”. Today we bring to you the remainder of the Momentum EP which features two new tracks titled “Your Mother Was Cheaper” and “Twisted”. Two Feet is building a reputation with his indie-electronic sound that has been catching fire lately. The two new tracks accommodate the preceding two amazingly with signature jazz / blues influenced sound combining live guitar with unique, experimental production and eerie vocals.

“Your Mother Was Cheaper” is intriguing from the get-go with its provocative title… It becomes even more intriguing as it immediately starts with hazy vocals, a sporadic bassline and straightforward percussion. Accented by smooth guitar plucks, the track develops into a memorable song with a chorus that gets engraved into your head. “Twisted” is the slower of the two songs with modest guitar, spaced-out drums and grim vocals. With the Momentum EP in full, Two Feet has solidified his spot on the artists to watch list with a trademark sound we can't wait to hear more of. Enjoy!

Two Feet – Momentum EP