Two Feet Releases His Most Complete Body Of Work To-Date In ‘Shape & Form’

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Live electronic pioneer and TSIS regular, Two Feet, announced his forthcoming studio album a few weeks ago with his single, “Tell Me The Truth.” We haven’t had to wait too long because this weekend marks the release of his beautifully transitional, fourth full-length LP, Shape & Form.

The album finds the eclectic artist tapping into signature and completely fresh styles altogether. Two Feet’s mantra for this project was “whatever comes, comes and whatever goes, goes.” That couldn’t be more apparent as we’re pulled in every direction from heartbreak, euphoria, anger, sadness, love and hate. Sonically, the project feels like “an eclectic mess including house records, shoegaze rock, new experimental instruments, and classic Two Feet sounds.”

Stream the full album below and enjoy!

Two Feet – Shape & Form