Two Feet Shines On Must Hear, Grungy New Single “You?”


Two Feet is back and hitting it harder than ever before. Creator of hit songs “Go Fuck Yourself,”  and “I Feel Like I’m Drowning,” it’s no surprise that Two Feet is able to constantly churn out such amazingly raw songs. The native New Yorker is consistently blending the lines between alternative, indie, R&B, and electronic music with his amazing guitar and vocal talents.

This time he’s taken his production to a whole new level and brought out an even stronger emotion than those seen in his previous recordings. “You?,” his most recent single features his signature emotive lyricism and soulful guitar licks but with everything turned up a notch, pushing the guitar further back in the mix and bringing forth a heavy layered bass and distorted power chords. A deeper level of rawness that we did not think possible.

“I wanted to combine elements of my sound with some heavier elements of punk/grunge. While writing ‘You?’ I focused on how it would work as part of my live show and am mad happy with how it turned out.” – Two Feet

We are also extremely happy with how it turned out. Following recent singles “Intro” and “Pink,” we are so excited to see where he is taking this project. You can listen to the new single now, below. Enjoy!

Two Feet – You?