[PREMIERE] Stream Two Friends’ Refreshing Remix Of Passion Pit’s “Sleepyhead”

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Los Angeles-based duo Two Friends have been on the come up for a couple of years now. The two have put out lively remixes, like their take on Galantis’ “No Money,” as well as produced their own originals more recently. The group has spent years honing what they refer to as their “soul house” style, a vibrant signature sound that combines elements of house with instruments all over the map.

Today we’re excited to be premiering yet another colorful remix from Two Friends. This time around they took on Passion Pit’s classic track “Sleepyhead,” a bright synth-pop tune that dominated speakers back in 2009.

"We were going through an old Spotify playlist we had made in high school looking for dope songs to remix. When we saw Sleepyhead in there, we instantly knew it was the one. Such a fun, catchy, and at the time groundbreaking song to play with, and this has become one of our favorite remixes to play out at shows.” – Two Friends

Two Friends completely reimagine “Sleepyhead” for 2017, giving it an unexpected but appreciated spin. The remix strips the original down to the vocals and adds unique synths, percussion and crisp guitar elements. All of these moving parts collide in a catchy future house drop that incorporates the iconic distorted vocal lead of the original. As the song proceeds, the duo smoothly incorporate layer after layer of production, maintaining the euphoric heart of the track and recreating it all at the same time. Stream the remix below and enjoy!

Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (Two Friends Remix) | Free Download