TWO LANES Dance Through A Dream In Bouncing New Single “Closer”

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Our favorite German sibling duo, TWO LANES, is back with an angelic second single, “Closer,” from their upcoming EP due out this summer. This new track, out via bitbird, is the perfect follow-up to the soothing lead single, “Wide Awake.”

This latest track sounds like it comes straight from the heavens. Using a gentle chorus of full-bodied synths as a steady foundation for the song, the brotherly duo adds a minimal kick and a line of effervescent chimes to take us from a dreamy float to focused journey. 

The two singles from the upcoming EP have us impatiently waiting the rest of the project.  The moods conveyed through “Wide Awake” and “Closer” have been refreshingly raw, calling upon the siblings’ memories and experiences from their native Berlin for inspiration.  We will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of the full project, but until then, let TWO LANES newest track, “Closer,” ferry you away to the heavens. Enjoy!

TWO LANES – Closer