Tycho Shares Extra Chill Hourlong DoLab Coachella Set


Tycho has gifted us with a full recording of their DJ set for the first weekend of Coachella. Tycho is considered a pioneer of the chillwave genre as the project has been active dating to the early 2000’s and even grabbed a Grammy nomination this past year. The group's live presence involves two types of shows that has a four-piece band to be considered their primary form. However, Tycho can also throw together a pretty wicked DJ Set which is justified with the recording of their set that took place at the DoLab stage on Saturday of weekend one.

The mix is so dreamy and seamless that when it comes to an end you don’t even realize a full hour has passed. The tracklist contains cuts from Tycho’s massive repertoire as well as others from artists such as Bonobo, Caribou and Kidnap Kid. Tycho has been featured on TSIS many times as we declared their album Epoch as one of the Top 20 Electronic Albums Of 2016 and promoted their 2016 Burning Man Set last September and they're back again with this smooth set. Enjoy!

Tycho – DoLab Coachella DJ Set