Tycho Launches Weather-Based Playlist Generator Inspired By Latest Album


Do you have a rainy day playlist? How about a playlist perfect for a sunny summer drive? The weather profoundly affects our mood and the music we want to listen to. Tycho alluded to this when he named his latest album Weather, and is taking that concept to the next level with a customized playlist generator based on your local atmospheric conditions.

The web app is called Tycho Forecast and can be found here. It uses your location data to determine your local weather and then generate a Spotify or Apple Music playlist on your account. I used it to create playlists in two situations: a rainy cool night, and a sunny summer day, and I noticed a huge difference. The rainy night playlist is subdued and melancholic, while the sunny summer day is energetic and breezy. The playlists have some Tycho songs, but it’s mostly about exploring new tracks from an eclectic mix of artists. Enjoy!

Tycho Forecast


Tycho Weather App