Tycho Shares Dreamy New Song “Run Away” With rum.gold

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We’re grateful anytime Tycho releases new music. Thankfully, 2020 has seen a constant stream of releases from the man, and today marks yet another drop from Tycho. The new song is called “Run Away,” and features the vocals from rum.gold.

Tycho has spent most of his career working with instrumentals, but ever since the drop of his most recent album Weather, we’ve seen him utilize vocals much more. Tycho explained how he felt inspired from hearing rum.gold:

With “Run Away,” I wanted to take new musical ideas and wrap them in the familiar sonics and textures of my sound. Working with rum.gold’s voice was really freeing in that it provided the contrast needed to push things into a different emotional space.

“Run Away” features a soft, breakbeat rhythm from Tycho, but he also delivered an acoustic version of the song as well. We love when artists give us different ways to enjoy their music. Check out both versions of the track below and enjoy!

Tycho – Run Away (feat. rum.gold)