Tycho Shares New Vocal Version Of “See” Ft. Beacon

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Tycho has surprised everyone with their new release “See” which features vocal accompaniment from Thomas Mullarney III from the Brooklyn duo Beacon. The track originated as an instrumental output on Tycho’s 2014 album Awake. Beacon then remixed the track adding a vocal element that gained the attention of Tycho. Fast forward to Coachella 2017 where Thomas Mullarney III joined Tycho on stage to perform “See” making it the first time Tycho has ever hosted a vocalist on stage. Now finally, the alternate version of “See” has received a proper studio recording making it the first official Tycho release with a vocal melody.

The track is in typical Tycho fashion harnessing whimsical melodies and scattered percussion. Thomas’ voice compliments their sound extremely well to create an atmospheric song that is eye-opening for all fans of Tycho. This version of “See” is a side of Tycho that we’ve never experienced before… A side that is intriguing and has us excited for more. Enjoy!

Tycho – See (feat. Beacon) | Purchase