Tyler Breaks Makes Waves With Striking New Tune “Desolate”


The rising genre of wave has been progressively increasing its following, with producer after producer jumping in on the craze. Relatively new to the scene and already making “waves” in the electronic community is South African-born Tyler Breaks. Landing on the acclaimed vibe.digital for the release of his new single, Breaks presents “Desolate.

Tyler Breaks immediately establishes a unique approach to the traditional wave sound with “Desolate,” putting an emotional, nostalgic spin on the track. The producer’s pitched vocals evoke sentimental lyrics, accompanied by the classic wave synth sounds we have come to love. Pulsing bass and dreamy leads join the party to bring the track to life, breathing new air into the production.

Here’s what Tyler Breaks had to say about the making of “Desolate”:

Desolate” is one of the tracks that really reminds me why I make music in the first place. It represents the raw emotions I struggle to materialize into audible form, and the vocal hook in the track, “alone in the darkness,” echoes the mental space I find myself when I am able to craft a musical journey that I consider truly sincere.

You can check out “Desolate” at the link below, out everywhere via vibe.digital. Enjoy!

Tyler Breaks – Desolate