Tyler, the Creator – Nightmare + Yonkers + Tron Cat : Dark Hip Hop with Sick Wordplay


Through their vulgar and offensive lyrics, and amazing wordplay the rap collective OFWGKTA (commonly referred to as Odd Future) have been getting some serious buzz in the past few months . There frontman 20 year old Tyler, the Creator highly anticipated sophomore release Goblin is set to drop May 10th. Today I'm posting the new track off Goblin 'Nightmare'. And I'm also posting up the 2 tracks that have already dropps 'Yonkers' and 'Tron Cat'. At first I didn't think much of Odd Future or Tyler, then after some more listens and more friends telling me to check them out I've become really interested with Tyler, the Creator. His flow is as dark and sophisticated simliar to Jedi Mind Tricks. Listen to these tracks and let me know what you think, and support Tyler by purchasing Goblin on Tuesday. Enjoy!

Nightmare – Tyler, the Creator | Download

06 Nightmare

Yonkers – Tyler, the Creator | Download

02 Yonkers

Tron Cat – Tyler, the Creator | Download

07 Tron Cat

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