Tyler, The Creator Shares Demo Of Unreleased Track “Rose Tinted Cheeks”

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When you have an artist putting out albums as consistently as Tyler, The Creator, there’s no doubt going to be some throwaway tracks that didn’t quite make the final cut. More often than not, however, these throwaway tracks are actually pieces of music that their fans would still love to hear. Today, Tyler took to Twitter to release one of these demos that didn’t quite make it, titled “Rose Tinted Cheeks.” This follows up recent "throwaways" like "OKRA" and his remix of a Drake collab "Bring It Back."

We weren’t sure what to expect from a “rough draft” from Tyler, especially after he started the Twitter thread with “so ummmm.” The track itself is warm and uplifting, and definitely reminds us of similar tracks on Flower Boy such as “See You Again.” 

We’re definitely vibe with this demo, although we aren’t sure what to think about Tyler’s hilarious, falsetto singing voice on the hook. He addressed it in another tweet saying “those vocals on the hook obvi would have been a girl who could actually sing haha, its a ref yall i just come up with it”.

If you consider yourself a fan of Tyler’s, than you definitely need to check out this new demo he’s gifted us. Enjoy!

Tyler, The Creator – Rose Tinted Cheeks *rough draft*