Tyler, The Creator Shows Off Vast Musical Knowledge In New Nardwuar Interview

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Tyler, The Creator has joined Nardwuar for the third time now. While many of Nardwuar’s interviews dig into obscure, rarely know facts about the interviewee’s upbringing, this time they dig into the music. The interview took place in the back room of Neptoon records in Vancouver, BC in a room filled with records as the perfect setting for the two to take a trip through the history of music.

Nardwuar focuses on different samples Tyler pulled drums from and other deep dives into the crates to test Tyler’s knowledge. I knew Tyler was a music nerd, but I didn’t quite know how dedicated he was to digging for tunes. He revealed he spends two hours every morning listening to music he’s never heard before. Tyler even shows off his eye for records as he recognizes a Stevie album from across the room by just seeing the side of the sleeve. His passion never ceases to amaze and inspire me. Check out the full interview below and enjoy!