UBUR Unleashes Sonic Destruction With Extra-Heavy New Banger “Mind Control”


For years now UBUR has been doling out some of the most face-meltingly heavy tracks in bass music. Having started off the year with a bang via his Painful Choice EP, the low-end marauder has now unleashed a ridiculous new dubstep banger, “Mind Control“.

This is truly sounding like some of UBUR’s heaviest work to date… Starting off slow with some eerie arpeggios and distant vocals, the heavyweight bass-bringer wastes no time throwing this into a monstrous drop packed with deep, guttural growls, shrill, otherworldly squelches and absolutely explosive bass.

You’ll definitely want to dust off your neckbrace before hitting play on this one. Stream “Mind Control” below and enjoy!

UBUR – Mind Control